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Corporate Gifting

Welcome to the corporate gifting page. We are more than happy to provide you with our beautiful versatile bottle for your special event, birthday, wedding, etc.

Please read the helpful information below before filling out your application:

  • The minimum order size is 40 bottles or more of any colour you desire, please choose from colour pantone (www.pantone-colours.com)
  • Special pricing are put on our bottles and you will know once the application is approved.
  • Lead time is 2-3 weeks from date of application is approved.
  • Once order is confirmed and paid, no returns or refunds are issued.
  • If you want custom logos done please go back to our custom gifts page, this page is only for special events, birthdays, weddings, reunions, parties and individuals.
  • To receive the application you must email us below. 

EMAIL: Support@doublecupbottle.com