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Which beverages can my DoubleCup bottle hold?

Our DoubleCup Tritan made bottles keep any beverage cold and hot up to 100 degrees. The choice is yours!

What is the DoubleCup bottle made of?

DoubleCup bottles are made up of tough, BPA-free tritan plastic. Products made from tritan are impact and shatter resistant. Plus, they stay clear and durable even after years of repeated use.

What is the size of a DoubleCup Bottle?


Can I microwave my DoubleCup bottle?

DO NOT put your DoubleCup bottle in the microwave. Even though tritan is microwave friendly both lid tops are made up of silica gel which will ruin the bottle. DoubleCup is already designed to keep beverages hot for hours.

Can I refrigerate/freeze my DoubleCup bottle?

DoubleCup is refrigerator friendly, but we recommend to not freeze as it might damage the bottle. Our DoubleCup seal tight lids are designed to keep your beverage cold for hours.

Where does DoubleCup manufacture its product?

Our bottles are carefully designed in Toronto, Ontario but made in China.

Can I fly with my DoubleCup bottle?

Our DoubleCup Bottle is airport friendly, as long as you don’t have any liquid inside the bottle.

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